Fresh iPhone 6 Concept Inspired by Latest Leaks and Rumors (Video)


We’ve got two brand new videos of the iPhone 6, obviously in concept phase, inspired by the latest leaks and rumors surrounding the device. The renders were created by SCAVidsHD and ConceptsiPhone, being very detailed and showing a variety of colors for the new Apple handset. This is the 4.7 inch iPhone we’re talking about […]

New iPhone 6 5.5 inch Version Renders Inspired by Leaks


I’ve just received a few iPhone 6 renders, the 5.5 inch version, rendered by HS Design. This model is expected to come this fall, as the very first Apple phablet with a very big display and an Apple A8 CPU inside. The design doesn’t exactly feel premium, since there’s a plasticky vibe coming from the […]

HTC Neo is a Bracelet Concept With a Star Trek Vibe

adult man hand giving or holding something like business card

Created by Pietrangelo Manzo, a designer from Barcelona, the HTC Neo is a groovy bracelet concept, a bit oversized in my opinion, but still a device worth checking out. It has a Star Trek vibe to it and it’s basically a handset or HTC watch replacement strapped to your arm. Keep in mind this is […]

Samsung Tab Flex Render is a Flexible Tablet Created by Jermaine Smit (Video)


You know what happened after the flexible tablet render from the other day? Jermaine Smit worked 50 hours on the finalized product and came up with the Samsung Tab Flex concept below. The sides are made of metal and the front and back are all plastic. We’ve got 4 speakers in the mix and the […]

Jermaine Smit Teases Foldable Tablet


There’s been talk about a foldable Samsung tablet for the second half of the year, but till then we’ve got the usual concepts. Jermaine Smit is back with a flexible and foldable device, that’s pictured below. This is a mere teaser of what’s coming, a slate that to me looks like an Apple model and […]